The specific needs of the customer are at the heart of the project development of the electrical automation system of the Machinery: We internally create the wiring diagrams for the control panels and carefully select the components to offer the best functionality.


At our Headquarters in Chiuduno (BG), electrical and control panels are wired by our technicians, and tested before delivery. Upon request, we implement the machine board system at the customer’s premises where the Machinery is assembled.


The development of PLC software is performed internally by programmers with knowledge of the systems and programming languages chosen for the specific application. We also take care of their customization.


 We support the customer in the testing phase of machinery by providing the presence of technicians and professionals to verify that the functioning complies with what is defined in the design phase. To improve the functioning, we eventually make adjustments in accordance with the customer.


Our technicians are available to the customer to provide after-sales assistance both on site and via teleservice, in particular for the start-up of the machinery, adjustments and upgrades, modifications and the implementation of new functions.