Our company has been operating in the field of Industrial Automation for over 40 years. It was founded in 1979 as Brevi & Brena & C. s.n.c. and subsequently transformed into 3B AUTOMATION s.r.l. in 2002.

Our activity is in continuous development and innovation accompanying the historical evolution of automation. Starting from relay logic, it evolved through structured wiring logic, to the advent of the first programmable logics and operator panels, till nowadays with the latest versions of PLC and touch screen ranging in various top brands.

Historically, first applications concerned the movement of machinery by speed and pull adjustment using DC motors, asynchronous sliding motors, motovariators of different types, and related drives. Then the evolution of the drive system towards the variable frequency (inverter tailored for asynchronous motors), led to applications made with drives for brushless motors, allowing to achieve good results in motion field.

Our business develops from design to testing at user site. We work on order focusing on the specific needs of the machinery manufacturer. Our activity concerns the electromechanical, electronic, software and supervision, robotics, using PLC, operator panels, PCs, drives, inverters for this purpose.

Our target customers are industrial machinery manufacturers based in Italy. We provide them the needful assistance as far as it concerns testing, implementation and starting in our country as well as abroad (all over the world). This activity is carried out by technical staff on site or by teleservice.

The field of application range from textiles and stranding to marble processing, plastic, automotive, electroplating, transfer, glass processing, food, and so on, that is wherever industrial automation is required. To mention some examples of applications: washing, mercerizing and dyeing lines for fabric dyeing plants; checks and packaging lines for fabric finishing plants; lines for extrusion, coating and lamination of various products; winding lines for both fabrics and plastic and paper; flying cut; machines for cables and tubes stranding; cable and pipe stamping systems; galvanic lines for chrome plating; automatic overhead crane systems; palletizers for books, batteries and others; accumulator assembly and charging plants; machines for pipes bending, palletizing, punching, and so on; marble bush hammering and milling machinery; lifting and shifting systems; automatic presses; automatic warehouses; etc.

Our applications comply with EU regulations in force. Upon customer’s request, we develop applications compliant with UL / CSA regulations. Our organization also allows us to implement suitable lines to take advantage of the incentives for industry 4.0.

The materials we use are chosen exactly for the specific processing in compliance with the specifications and vendor list of the end users where there are.

Thanks to the collaboration with SSD PARKER for several years, we have been EMTCs for the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia since the beginning of 2014. Therefore, we provide assistance and spare parts even on existing plants for everything related to Parker’s electromechanics.